César Chávez "The Movie"

By Jessica Jurado, Long Beach

Cesar Chavez the movie is not only a story about the fight for immigrant farmworkers rights but a story of perseverance and sacrifice. While many were scared to speak out and let their voices be heard, Chavez spoke out and gave a voice to those who were afraid to speak out, to those timid workers who were afraid to loose their job because they saw no other way to put food in the table for their families.

As a rule of thumb we know that goals must be set and reach through a series of sacrifices and this was exactly what Cesar Chavez had to do. Not only did he sacrifice his time but also his health in order to make everyone come together and agree that nonviolence was the only way to make a change,  but he also had to sacrifice his relationship with his son who needed him but wasn't able to be there.

It's a story that speaks to many that tells them that no matter what you're goals are if you are persistent time might seem like an obstacle but at the end of the day it is you who decides how far you want to go.

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